The Communist Left is a left communist/ultra-leftist publication. It is dedicated to introducing the greatest possible number of people to authentically communist thought, while also providing a venue for the already initiated to develop their revolutionary theory and practice. Its overarching goal is to promote the creation of a united party of the communist left. This publication seeks to engage with the left-wing currents of anarchism, finding common ground and engaging in friendly debate when necessary. It also seeks to counteract the petty-bourgeois mystification of communism in both its Social-Democratic and Leninist-Stalinist-Trotskyite forms.

This is publication supports the direction of society by and for the working class through the direct participation of workers in revolutionary assemblies. It is in full support of women’s and queer liberation. It is anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-nationalist, and anti-state. It supports the abolition of all borders and the free movement of people and resources. Though it publishes in English at the moment, it opposes all linguistic nationalism and seeks to incorporate other languages as soon as that becomes practical. It operates out of the United States.